The reliable and proven core of APP provides the user with the capability of calculating Aircraft Point Performance and Mission Performance.
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APP features three major modules: The Aircraft module – contains aircraft model information. The Mission Computation module – performs mission calculations. The Performance Charts module – performs point-performance calculations, including takeoff and landing.

Mission Performance

Available Flight Segments

APP provides you with a multitude of flight segments that allow you to define specific mission analyses. It enables both, a very fast and easy “first shot” solution up to very detailed missions for complex analyses! A selection of available segments includes:

  • Acceleration
  • Climb; Climb at Best Angle; Climb at Best Rate; Climb at CAS; Climb at EAS; Climb at Constant Mach
  • Cruise; Cruise at Best SR; Cruise at Mach; Cruise at Optimum Altitude and Mach
  • Deceleration
  • Descent, Descent at No Credit (at best FF or best SR), Descent at CAS,¬†Descent at EAS, Descent at Mach
  • Energy Exchange
  • Ground Operation
  • Landing Roll
  • Loiter & Loiter at Best FF
  • Maneuver at Constant or Maximum Load Factor
  • Refuel
  • Reset Altitude or Reset Mach
  • Store Drop
  • Take-off


Available Mission Optimizers

The mission module includes a set of fast optimizers to help you refine your analyses. Using the mission-optimizers, APP users are able to define segments that shall be maximized along with inputs on required reserves. Available optimizations are:

  • Range Optimization
  • Endurance Optimization
  • Radius of Action optimization

Point Performance


APP features a multitude of standard performance charts for aircraft point performance analysis. Furthermore a comparison feature for different results is readily available. Available Pre-defined point performance-analysis charts are highly customizable, they include:

  • SEP-Envelopes
  • G-Envelopes
  • Turn-Rate Charts (constant SEP) / Energy-Maneuverability Charts
  • Turn-Rate Charts (constant Altitude)
  • SEP vs. Altitude Charts
  • Point Performance Parameter Computation
  • Required Thrust and Drag Chart for Different Load-Factors

Takeoff and Landing Computation

APP incorporates a unique 2.5-dimensional method to obtain takeoff- and landing- distances with respect to different certifications and environmental conditions:

  • Takeoff, Rejected Takeoff, Balanced Field Length, Landing
  • Calculations respect military and civil airworthiness regulations: MIL-STD-3013, FAR Part 23 & 25, EASA CS 23 & 25
  • All Engines Operative (AEO) and One Engine Inoperative (OEI) calculations
  • Respecting runway dimensions as: Runway Length, Runway Altitude, Runway Slope
  • Different runway conditions are available: Dry, Wet, Snow, Ice
  • Calculations possible with or without afterburner

Further Questions?

APP features a lot of other functions, such as parameter variations, exporting to Excel and a full command-line functionality to integrate with external toolsets written in other languages, such as Python, MATLAB or Fortran.¬† A detailed description on all functions is available in APP’s user manual.

If any of your questions are still unanswered we are happy to answer them. Should there be any specific requirements we are happy to offer a custom solution!

For further reference, the APP product presentation is available for download here: PDF