pyAPP is a Python package to interact with ALR’s Aircraft Performance Program APP.

The current implementation of pyAPP is a file based interface to APP. pyAPP classes enable to read and write APP files. Together with the command line interface of APP, pyAPP allows for automation of mission and point performance computations. The results written by APP (as text files) can be read with pyAPP.

pyAPP is available for APP6 and APP7.


The Python interface allows APP to be embedded into an existing toolchain, e.g. an MDO framework. For examples of applications, please visit:

Additionally, see our peer-reviewed paper describing the use of pyAPP together with APP: Advanced aircraft performance analysis


Please visit the online documentation for further infomation about pyAPP6.

Download (PDF)

Download (PDF)

Open Source

To complement pyAPP, we release some of our code as open source on GitHub:

How to get it

Please visit our Resellers or contact us for further information on how to get the pyAPP package and find out if pyAPP can help automate and improve your workflow.